Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Shopee: The Future of E-Commerce with Malaysian Influencers

Hanita Sayuti (Shopee Bintang Seller), Nikki Wong (Shopee Livestream Influencer), Syazwani Md Saad (Shopee Affiliate), and Mr. Kenneth Soh (Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia).

Shopee Press Release: Today, Shopee Malaysia hosted the Future of E-Commerce with Malaysian Influencers, a virtual forum discussing the relatability of the influencer community online. The panel featured four keynote speakers: Hanita Sayuti (Shopee Bintang Seller), Nikki Wong (Shopee Livestream Influencer), Syazwani Md Saad (Shopee Affiliate), and Mr. Kenneth Soh (Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia).

What Attracts You To Livestreaming Platforms

Emphasizing the power of live streaming to build more engaging and personalized relationships online, Kenneth Soh said: “On Shopee, we have an ecosystem of trusted influencers — they are fellow users and sellers themselves who provide authentic experiences during Big Campaigns. While thousands of buyers watch Shopee Live daily, not everyone watches solely for shopping purposes. In fact, 27% of our surveyed buyers watch Shopee Live for entertainment and educational content. For example, in Shopee Live’s “Mum's Club Show” program, communities of mom influencers speak about health topics related to other moms, kids, and even kids with special needs.“

75% of Malaysians Watch Influencer Tutorials to Solve Problems

“This is an increasingly important channel for sellers to drive conversion on the marketplace. Our data shows that 75% of surveyed customers follow influencers’ tutorial videos in order to solve problems and expand their product knowledge.”

How Can Influencers Stand Out from their Peers

Hanita Sayuti, Shopee Bintang Seller who also runs a fragrance business called Zheo Lab said, “Influencer marketing is important for business owners as a touchpoint for audiences. There are no brand or product limitations. Personally, I’ll be engaging with local celebrity, Dato Rosyam Nor as the ambassador of my Cat Perfume, one of my best-selling products on Shopee. Our promotion video has already gone live and we look forward to collaborating with more influencers in the future.”

Azaria Tagaya (Moderator), Hanita Sayuti (Shopee Bintang Seller), Syazwani Md Saad (Shopee Affiliate)

Speaking on the future of e-commerce, influencers Nikki Wong (shop owner of Bitcraft) and Syazwani Md Saad (a reviewer on home and living products) both agree that listening with empathy and developing personalized content is important for building long-term customer loyalty. Nikki shared, “Consistency breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales. I don't intend to go live just to get sales, but to share something good with my followers as I would to a friend.” Nikki is part of Shopee Live’s All Stars community, an active and supportive group of influencers who frequently share product reviews, DIY tips, and feedback on each other’s live stream feeds.

Swazwani added, “I practice transparency and consistency as I attract people who share my values. I make sure to greet my followers every morning and share my day with them. The process takes time. We should not be afraid to enquire and collaborate with businesses and brands to increase our experience and exposure.”

Shopee Reveals How Influencer Communities Build Trust

In the “Future of E-Commerce with Malaysian Influencers” survey of 2,459 buyers, 75% of Malaysian shoppers indicated that they wanted to feel more connected through bonding and interacting with followers, fostering strong brand relationships, and staying relevant. In other words, to future-proof themselves and stand out in a crowd, Shopee encourages influencers to continue building loyalty by being authentically human in their content and engagements.

Mr Kenneth Soh (Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia)

The 2022 “The Future of E-Commerce with Malaysian Influencers” survey was conducted by Shopee Marketplace, between 28 September and 26 October 2022. Voluntary feedback was obtained from 2,459 Malaysian buyers and 1,035 Malaysian sellers on the platform.
To rewatch the full virtual forum, visit https://youtu.be/K9s2nHxpSKE

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