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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Appetizers / Starters at The Journey Cafe Puchong - by Best Restaurant To Eat

The Journey Cafe located at B-03-G, Block B, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Puchong, Puchong Town Center, started business about 3 weeks ago. According to the owner, the cafe is based on his travel experience at airports around the world. He would like his patrons to experience the same type of ambience and mood of travelers and henceforth the name and the deco in this cafe.
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Starters/ Appetizers are usually a great way to start any meal. At The Journey Cafe in Puchong, I had the opportunity to relish on a few of the tantalizing looking appetizers.

First one on the list, was the Fried Button Mushroom
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Next on the table was the Shrimp Bruschetta. The shrimp was quite fresh and bouncy. Again, it is highly recommended to eat it as soon as possible as the baguette will turn soggy if left for sometime due to the dressings used. This starter only comes with 2 pieces and at the price of RM9.90, it is a little costly.

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Grill Chicken Salad - Another great starter or appetizer if one's prefer, a not too filing start to a great meal. Here at The Journey, the salad comes with Grill Chicken with a salad dressing filled with fresh garden vegetables. The chicken meat used here is of the breast meat that are cut into long and thick strips. It would have been better had the chef cut into small cubes which you can be eaten together with the fresh greens with much ease.

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Next on the line is the Swedish meatballs. When the sheer mention of Swedish Meatball, IKEA comes to mind. Although not a very good benchmark comparison, nevertheless you can taste that the meatballs that are served here consist of real full bodied meat. You can taste the meat rather than the flour that most others used. The only setback was the chef, used too much of lean meat and once you cut the meatball, the meats are scattered out and does not gel together that well. Using too much meat have it's setback as it tend to be a little dry and tough, it would have been perfect had the chef put in a bit amount of fats to made it gel up and more succulent. This also causes the meatball to be too dry and hard on the outside. Could also be dued to a little over frying.