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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Chilled Desserts and Chilling Drinks - Eastern Crab Restaurant Ampang KL - by Best Restaurant To Eat

Photo of Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
Refreshing Mango Cream With PomeloThis is a nice dessert to finish off any meals.

It is a creamy chilled delight that comes with freshly cut mangoes and sago. It was just the perfect concoction to end my heavy crab meal that I had.

It was a perfect balance with the right sweetness. The only little flaw was that the type of sago used were not the chewy one, the type that was usually used for this type of dessert. Instead they used a powdery type that tasted like rice cereal. After failing to find any traces of pomelo, we asked the captain where were the pomeloes. He explained the the pomelo have been blended together with the mangoes. RM 8.20 per bowl - Rating 3 of 5
Photo of Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
For the finale, we were served with the Hong Kong Ice Lemon Tea. The pleasant smelling of the lemon makes a nice end to a rich meal. The fragrant of the tea was very strong and blended extremely well with the ice and lemon. Most places that I have tried this drink were either too bland or too sourish in taste. This drink will set as the new benchmark for me as far as Ice Lemon Tea goes. Price RM6.50 Rating 4 of 5

Location : Lot G.02, Ground Floor, Plaza Ampang City, 332-A, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang