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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pork Cuisine In Kepong Bandar Menjalara - Restaurant Juro - By Best Restaurant To Eat

Western food are aplenty in the Klang Valley but a Western Pork Cuisine is hard to come by and more so with limited restaurants serving this delicatseen is a much try out.

What is interesting here is that this restaurant serves PORK as the main ingredient and as its name implies 'JURO' which literally means PORK in Mandarin, how appropriate.

First on the serving was the soup - Cream of Ham & Bacon - never had a soup like this before but the texture and taste of the cream of soup is just right and with the saltiness of the Bacon, it was a perfect blend
Cream of Ham & Bacon - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
After the soup comes the refreshing Lychee Salad with Almond Flakes. Serves with thousand island sauce, the sweetness of the lychee was not too overwhelming.
Lychee Salad with Almond Flakes - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
One of the main course of the night was non other than German Pork Knuckle. I love Pork Knuckle a lot. To eat pork Knucle, the first bite must be its skin. I would say the crisp of the skin was perfect as i can really taste the marinate that was not too strong and salty. Next the attack is on the meat, which i find it a little too dried and tough. Cooking this dish is a real challenge as if you can get the skin crisp right, the meat might be tough and dried. For this you can overcome with more orders of the home made brown sauce.
German Pork Knuckle - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
Another not-to-be-missed dish is the German Sausage Platter, the sausage was very springy and meaty. What I like about these sausages is that it is not too salty. I remembered at one place i have eaten german sausages, it leaves me the feeling of saltiness, the more you eat it becomes more salty especially towards the end. I would say, the sausages serves here and the sauce that was accompanied was balanced.
German Sausage Platter - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
The next dish is my favorite for the night, the Spaghetti Carbonara with Ham & Streaky Bacon. I am never a real fan of spaghetti but this simple looking dish amazes me. What I found perfect was the salty and crisp of the streaky bacon blended perfectly with the spaghetti. Normally i would eat bacon with bread but this dish have changed my prespective of what you can do with Bacon. If you like Bacon and Spaghetti, this is the dish for you.
Spaghetti Carbonara with Ham & Streaky Bacon - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
 Location: No.31, Jalan 5/62A, Bandar Manjalara, Kuala Lumpur, Kepong