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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Crablicious Meal In Ampang - Eastern Crab Restaurant - by Best Restaurant To Eat

Mention about eating crabs, the first place that comes to mind would be in Klang or Port Klang, not anymore, there is a little restaurant that serves big juicy Sri Lanka Mud Crab right in Ampang.

I had the priviledge to sample an all crab dishes at Eastern Crab Restaurant.

First on the menu was the Crab Meat With Shark's Fin Soup in Superior Broth. Once the soup was laden on the table, the first thing that I noticed was the generous quantity of Shark Fin topping. I loved my shark fin soup with a dash of vinegar and peserved green chillies. I would say the freshnest of the crab meat took me by surprise as most other restaurants would serve frozen crab meat. You can easily see there are crab roe that accompany the soup too. Overall the soup was a good start for this meal. Rating 4 / 5. Price per bowl - RM19.50
Crab Meat Shark Fin in Superior Broth - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
Next, comes the main course which is Singapore Chilli Crab. In Kuala Lumpur there aren't many restaurant that serves this dish. I remembered the last time I savoured this dish was in Singapore itself. My Singaporean friend brought me and my family to the iconic restaurant JUMBO@Dempsey that claims to serves the best in Singapore. Upon tasting, I was taken aback on how a Hong Kong trained chef could come so close to cooking this dish that can rivalled one of the best in Singapore. Best eaten with either Fried man tou or bread toast. Rating 4 / 5. Price per crab - RM55.00
Singapore Chilli Crab - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
The third crab dish we relished for the night was the Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab. I have eaten crab in many cooking styles but never tried this before. When the dish came, I could see the overwhelming serving of garlic and shallot accompanied with the fried crab. I find the crab a bit tad too dry for my liking as I would prefer crabs served in gravey version. Rating 2 / 5. Price per crab - RM55.00
Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
The last crab dish was Fried Broccoli Topped With Crab Meat. I found this dish very refreshing after some rich crab dishes earlier. The Broccoli was very savoury. As again the crab meat used here was very fresh and it surely was the perfect combination. Rating 3 / 5. Standard serving RM17.00 Large - RM25.50
Fried Broccoli Topped With Crab Meat - Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
Although I felt a little guilty of the amount of cholesterol count for this entire meal, nevertheless the feeling of the hearty crab dishes surpasses it.

If you are craving for Crab dishes and does not want to travel great length to savour it, then gives this restaurant a try, you will never know what you are missing.


Location : Lot G.02, Ground Floor, Plaza Ampang City, 332-A, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang