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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Overpriced Overrated Oyster Omelette - Goh Kee Jalan Raja Laut KL - By Best Restaurant To Eat

OOOO - Overpriced Overrated Oyster Omelette

I chanced upon this restaurant during one of my regular makan place scouting and read some wonderful review about this restaurant from a few blogs that I have visited. One of the specialty here was their Oyster Omelette. This is one of the dishes that I loved to eat. Looking at the photos, it looks very appetizing enough for me to give it a try some day.

Happened that, I need to go to KL to send my daughter to one of her K-Pop concert and I have 2 hours to kill in KL. Since I am already in the vicinity, so I decided to head over to this place to savour this dish.

There were quite a number of patrons when I arrived. I noticed there were some tables that have ordered this dish but majority of them ordered the restaurant signature dish which is Steam Fish Head in Superior Broth. Since, I am alone and probably too much to eat a fish head all by myself, I decided to order the Oyster Omelete which is also one of their signature dish too.
Photo of Tai Tao Steamboat in Kepong Klang Valley
At first glance, it looks good especially the oysters in the egg batter. The serving was so little that I finished it off in 5 small helpings. It lacks the smokey flavor that we normally gets from eating a good "ho chien" at the hawker stall. The oyster used here were very plain and flat. The batter was tasteless, it was, as if eating a plain fried omelettesad

The worst have yet to come. To my surprise the price for this dish is RM16.00 which is seriously over priced for a back lane coffeeshop restaurant. A reasonable price would be around RM8 to RM12.00. huffy

Lesson Learned: What looks good (from blogs) doesn't necessary taste good.