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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria@ Avenue K – A Brazilian Samba Buffet Churrasco and Gourmet Cuisine Review

Churrasco is the term for a barbecue in Brazil and some of the Latin American countries. There are not many churrasco restaurant in Malaysia that serves authentic Brazilian cuisine. 

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review one of the original Brazilian Buffet – All You Can Eat Churrasco and native Brazilian spread at SAMBA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE CHURRASCARIA @ AVENUE K strategically located near the city centre at 156, Jalan Ampang, L3- 3/3-4A, Avenue K, Level 3, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just opposite KLCC Suria.

SAMBA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE CHURRASCARIA@ AVENUE K has in place a host of Brazilian Chef namely Ms Mariana Barbosa which are experts in native Brazilian food and Mr Daniel Lira which is the Head Chef for the Churrasco 

The restaurant main theme is everything Brazil which is lively football festivity; here there are many posters and murals which exuberates this theme. 

It has a separate area which caters to the different dining experience, while there is also an alfresco dining area, which overlooks the SURIA KLCC and the stunningly picturesque KLCC Twin Tower. 

The buffet line was very impressive as there were many Brazilian special cuisines on the tray of the buffet namely the Cheesy Parmegiana Beef, Summer Rice, Fish Moquecca, Baby Potato & Mushroom Sauteed, Creamy Bechamel Penne and more.

The other Brazilian dishes are Brazilian savoury soups and beans based stewed dishes. They are Pinto Beans, Beef Rubacao, Nuts Vatapa and Shrimp Bobo. 

There is also a wide salad selection from you to choose from i.e. Caesar salad, Tropical fruit salad, Potato salad, Greek salad to Pasta salad Tropical Fruit Salad & Fresh Romaine Lettuce. It was the ideal complimentary dish to our BBQ. 

Others on the buffet line include the very popular SEAFOOD ON ICE which were poached seafood like PRAWNS, SLIPPER LOBSTER, SQUIDS and OYSTER. 

The seafood was very fresh and goes well with a sprinkle of zesty lemon juice and a tinge of Tabasco sauce or you can have it with the popular Thousand Island dressing or even eat it on its own to savour the natural taste of the seafood. 

We were just nibbling on these dishes as we want to leave our stomach to the CHURRASCO meat offering which we heard was superb. 

But, for me, this night belongs to the STAR dishes i.e. the Churrasco specialities which boasts a total of 20 meats on skewers, but due to the limited space in the little tummy of mine, we just couldn’t sample it all. 

The variety of beef, lamb, sausage and chicken are cooked on a purpose-built "churrasqueira", a barbecue grill, which supports the spits and skewers rotating on a presets speed and temperatures to ensure a perfectly grill of these tender and succulent meat. 

One of the nice experiences about SAMBA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE CHURRASCARIA@ AVENUE K is that these meats on skewers are served by the server at your table, so it is as freshly cut straight from the grill as you can get. You do not really need to go to the buffet counter to have your choice of meat. Just tell the servers what meat cut you want and they will bring it to you. 

When the servers comes to your table, he will angularly slice the meat cut based on your preference and you use a special tongs to clip the pieces of meat as he slices it accordingly. 

The first Churrasco was the fresh Shrimps wrapped with Beef Bacon. The flavours of the natural taste of the Shrimps was mixed with a slightly salty crisp bacon. Wonderful combination.

this is followed by grilled Dory Fillet. 

Next, is the succulent Chicken Thigh which was crisp on the outside, moist in the inside meat which was very tasty. The chicken was smooth and tender, bursting with flavour upon each bite.

This is then followed by the Super Size Fat Juicy Sausages 

Next, is the Chicken Fillet wrapped in Beef Bacon. Each sumptuous piece of Chicken Roll was a medley of flavors.

For Beef Lovers - The Rump Steak, this one is a must try. The meat is moist, tender, and flavourful. 

followed by the firm and chewy fresh white squid. It was a wonderfully grilled and flamed licked to perfection

Smoky, succulent Chunky Peppery Beef in Skewer with Capsicum

Look good & Smells good - Beef Fillet Wrap With Bacon. Real Beefy goodness 

My personal beef favourite, it is the PICANHA BEEF RIB- It is the topmost layers of muscle covered in a layer of thick fat. Look at the size of this slab of beefy ribs.

 It is a flavorfully grill roasted back ribs which the meat was still moist, juicy, tender and succulent. Just so yummy.

The smoked duck skin was grilled to perfection, giving you that nice oozing feeling when the juicy fat melting on your palate.  

Next is the Cheese Steak - which has a strong melted cheesy taste.

Followed by the grill Quail. 

Smoky, succulent grilled Sirloin Steak

 Crispy and savoury skin, with a tender and juicy interior that was oozing with flavour. 

Sweet and flavourful grilled pineapple. A break from all those super tasty meat.

Lastly the Chicken heart - Not for the faint heart. Overall all the BBQ meats and seafood was delectable even without any sauce and pleases all your taste and senses 

At SAMBA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE CHURRASCARIA@ AVENUE K, since the servers come to each table, there is a chip which has one side GREEN - signalling you want more or RED - I had enough, so the servers would not come by.

At the restaurant, there are some specialities snack food, which is not available on the buffet line, During the course of your buffet, the servers will serves you this small Brazilian Snack, the first of which is the super smooth Passion Fruit Mousse, 

and the Chicken Croquette 

For patrons who would like to have a drink or two, the restaurant also serves hard liquor.

For those who loves wine pairing with their meat, there is an impressive collection of wine in the cellar to choose from. 

and also some invigorating brazilian cocktails like the Kiwi, Lime, Strawberry, Mix and Passion Fruit cocktail to chill your night away after a sumptuous feast.

So, If you are a real meat lover like me especially on Beef and just loves it to be cooked as BBQ, then SAMBA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE CHURRASCARIA@ AVENUE K will definitely not disappoint you. There are on going promotion which you can check out from time to time on their facebook page 

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