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Saturday, 8 November 2014

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar @Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang – New Hangout Place & Superb Fusion Food in Klang Review

These days new café are opening up offering unique fusion dishes specially created to excite one’s taste-bud, Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review this new café which is, 2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar @Bandar Bukit Tinggi located at Unit No. B-G-2 BBT One Boulevard, Lebuh Batu Nilam 2, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 41200 Klang Selangor that whipped up specially created dishes.

The name 2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar @Bandar Bukit Tinggi was a little peculiar for a restaurant and we found out later that this was the year the restaurant was established and henceforth the 2013. 

The restaurant décor is one of a bistro/ pub setting where it will be transformed during the course of the night. For patrons, who love to dine al-fresco, there is an open area.

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar @Bandar Bukit Tinggi serves a menu melding out Western and Asian culinary techniques into a broad ranging selection of dishes to please all tastes.

We started off our food review with the appetizer, the first of which was the finger licking goodness of the Belacan Chicken Wings (2 set). The belacan infused chicken wing were very mesmerising and you can taste it right to the bone. 

The mouth watering chicken wing were pre-marinated for at least 2 days in order for the belacan to totally permeates deep into the meat to give you this special taste.

2013 SALAD – It is a nice salad with the fresh Romaine lettuce as the base and with a tinge of vinegar dressing. We enjoyed the salad, which was crisp, fresh and slightly savoury, with a drizzle of grated cheese, freshly toasted shrimp and a generous serving of smoked bacon strips.

Next we had, the POTATO CROQUETTE – the potato was prepared in –house and smash to a superbly fine silky texture. The crust was very crispy while the potato was induced with the buttery flavours of the smash potatoes.

After that, it was the OVEN BAKED CRAB - this stuffed crab dish is a special house delicacy, with the right mix of meat blended with the sweet taste of the crab. Its aromatic and flavourful meat filling was topped with a layer of melted cheese that enhances the overall taste experience.

GRILLED SALMON WITH WHITE MUSHROOM CREAM SAUCE – grilled to perfect bright pink coloured with a firm textured and served with a bed of in-house smash potato 

and topped with a unique fried salmon skin.

This was then followed by the MUTTON CURRY WITH TOASTED BREAD – This dish is from an age old recipe from the chef uncle which was from India and takes a lot of skills to cook this simple looking mutton dish which have no gamey smell and taste.

The aromatic curry gravy soaked perfectly to the toasted bread with just the right level of spiciness. You can taste the fragrant spices that was used to cook this dish.

The next signature dish is the LAMB PASTA MAMAK-STYLE – This dish is inspired by the popular “Mee Mamak”. With the creative use of spaghetti instead of the normal yellow noodles and an in-house special spicy sauce, you have this excellent fusion dish.

Coupled with the cutlet of lamb fillet (no gamey) as a main ingredient, it was an exceptional combination of the ingredient to give you this unique taste. Thumb up.

The next dish is the PORK CHOP – it is a different variant of pork chop with a strong tinge of lemon grass. It is charred on the crisp skin while the meat was tender and well marinated which enhance the natural taste of the pork chop.

The accompanied sauce with the pork chop was the garlic cream sauce.

LAMB PIZZA – This is the Star of the night. It is a fresh new idea to use lamb as the key ingredient for a Pizza, it was wonderfully done with the right proportion of capsicum, pineapple, cheese and lamb as the main ingredient to make such lovely and tasty pizza. It tastes so wonderful you are still fantasising about it hours and days afterwards.

GREEN PASSION MOCKTAIL – A concoction of apple sauce, orange juice, lemon and fizzy soda.

Sipping this refreshing Mocktail, while enjoying the smooth crooning of the some oldies number reminds me of the good old time.

This “LIVE” performance are available on every Friday and Saturday. It is the perfect mini getaway to wind down your stressful weekday and rejuvenate you for the following next week.

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar @Bandar Bukit Tinggi emphasises on the quality & taste of its food. It offers diverse food choices and new dishes which are coming on from time to time. If you are game for some exciting new dishes, just head over to their facebook page on some new offering which are not found on their standard menu.

2013 BBT One Facebook Page