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Friday, 28 November 2014

Manhattan Fish Market@ Pavilion - Crab Feast Promotion and New Menu Launch Review

Manhattan Fish Market which specializes in seafood brings you the yearly special offering from the sea. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review the exotic Crab offering and new menu at Manhattan Fish Market @Pavilion Kuala Lumpur located PAVILION Kuala Lumpur 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Diners can take their pick from a chill fridge located at the entrance of the outlet which showcases all the different crabs and lobsters on offer for the day.

Manhattan Fish Market has kept its philosophy that they want their food to be fresh and original thereby giving its customers the best value for their money.

Diners looking for seafood and especially more exotic crab and are willing to splurge can also try out the promotion King Crab, Australian Spanner Crab or the French Brown Crab.

The best way to enjoy crabs it just to poach it. In this way, you can taste the natural marine saltiness; serve only to emphasis the character of the crabs. And, this is exactly how Manhattan Fish Market serves it.

First on the dinner table was the Australian Spanner Crab, 

for me, although the meat  lack in the firmness of the meat but have a strong natural taste of the crabs. 

This is then followed by the French Brown Crabs, which are a much bigger size compared with the local crabs. The highlight of this crab is the crab butter. It has a slight musky taste and was just nice eaten as it is. This is the best part of this crab.

The star of the night has to be the King Crab; it is similar to the Alaskan King Crab. Cooked at sea and frozen, it retains the same freshness and taste. Every mouthful is a joy as the chunky crab meat and the sweet, salty natural flavour of the crab was addictive i.e. you can’t stop going for the next piece and the next one. Crustacean lovers, you do not want to miss this dish.

Eating this King Crab requires minimum effort, as the staffs at Manhattan Fish Market is more then ready to cut out all the meat from the claws for you to savour. For those, that prefer to have some sauces to go with the super delicious crab, there is a garlic butter sauce for you to dip in.

For the new menu offering, the first of it, is the Summer Shroom – it has a tangy sourish dressing which is quite similar to the Italian dressing, mushroom are cooked in thereby preserving the natural taste of the mushroom.

Fishy Chicky Bang Bang – this is a new creation from the chef, a piece of chicken is wrapped with a piece of Dory fillet and fried to a crunch. Each cut has a combination of the chicken meat and fish fillet.

Oyster Roulette – this is oyster served with a special home made spicy sauce, it has a zesty, spicy and strong taste but perfectly matched with the fresh oyster.

But be forewarned that one of the piece is super spicy and henceforth the roulette which is used as part of the name of this dish. Just like the roulette, you never know when you get or will get this piece. Just some added fun to this dish if you plan to share this dish with your friends.

Volcano Island - Slipper Lobster - An island of spicy jewels with juicy seafood in Murray Curry, fried Scallops, poached spicy Dory nuggets, Volcano mussels and crispy Baguette on a bed of fragrant Garlic Herb Rice.

A platter for those who like to have some additional of spiciness, the curry topping to the rice is the chef creation resemble in taste to the Malaysian Nenas Bojari but with an added natural pineapple taste from the use of the top quality pineapple.

Fried Giant - a platter of golden brown fried crunchy prawns, crispy fish fingers, cherry snapper fillets, battered onion strips and calamari coated with crushed peanuts for extra bites. Enjoy it all with selection of dips which is Cajun Honey Mustard, Smoky Chipotle, Tartar and Onion Glory Dip.

Grilled Glory Dory Regular – this is the simplest form and best way to enjoy a 100% unprocessed dory – the flesh of the fish has that firm and flaky texture. It is perfectly grilled with a sprinkle of salt and served on a bed of Garlic Rice. Perfect combination as the juice from the grilled dory was perfectly paired with the rice.

There are many new drinks on the Manhattan Fish Market menu for example, Cheeky Monkey, Citrus Mint, Passionate Peach, Affogato, Fizzies Float, Happiness Infusion and Sweet Alabama

For me, I like the Citrus Mint as the mint was very strong; we were told that fresh lemon and mint are blended to give you that extra zest and flavours. This drink gives you that refreshing taste and is a good complement to some of the fried seafood that we had earlier.

For desserts, we had the Super Fruit Crumble – this is an Apple crumble with a double scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with cranberries as part of the offering. It has that crumble has a crunchy texture and paired with the soft ice-cream touch.

Finally we had the Strawberry Flamingo – served with a topping of the mash mallow which will be flamed when it is served to you. It has mango pudding and chocolaty syrup with pieces of strawberry lining the sides.

It was indeed a pleasant evening savouring these little treasures of the sea and a word of advice for the crab lovers, there are little stock of these tasty seafood. Best to call first to check on the stock availability else you have to wait for the next year. Oh by the way the crabs are only available at Manhattan Fish Market @Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.