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Monday, 3 November 2014

Goku Raku Ramen @Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya Review

Ramen is getting very popular of late. To captivate more customers to continue to enjoy the latest offering, many restaurant are offering new item on their menu. We tried out some of the other offering at GOKU RAKU RAMEN @PARADIGM located at Lot 2F - 26 & Lot 2F-27, Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

GOKU RAKU RAMEN @PARADIGM is one of few Ramen Restaurant that still take the pain to make its own Ramen fresh on a daily basis. This is to ensure customer get the best when it comes to their RAMEN.

As with fresh Ramen, you have to eat it as quickly as possible when it is served to you. Any longer, it will start to absorb the broth and makes it a little soggy. At Goku Raku Ramen, its' signature broth is the Tonkotsu which is boiled for more than 10 hours to extract out the collagen and the flavours of the pork bone.

The first dish we had for this review was the new ULTIMATE MISO TONKOTSU, It is using the same broth of Tonkotsu but with an added Miso paste to give it a unique flavour. The result, you can still taste the strong Tonkotsu taste with the Miso aroma. The Ultimate Miso Tonkotsu comes with a piece of Kakuni Pork Belly besides the usual Cha Siew, eggs and seaweed.

Next we tried the CURRY TONKOTSU, this Ramen is cooked with the Japanese curry which is of course not at all spicy. Will be a good choice for those that likes to have the curry taste but does not enjoy the spicy zing of curries noodle, as the spicy level here is quite mild. 

One of the key things to a superb Tonkotsu is of course the collagen, At GOKU RAKU@PARADIGM, they is an add on of collagen in the form of a mini ball. You can order it and when you can add it into the Tonkotsu broth while it is still hot, the COLLAGEN BALL will melt in the broth and giving you an enhance flavours to your RAMEN.

The next dish was the STAMINA CURRY RICE, same with the Curry Tonkotsu base, the curry is of a mild taste. With the semi cooked eggs as an add on, upon mixing the rice with the curry and chicken, it tastes more like my childhood rice with a raw eggs used to mix the steaming hot rice that I use to eat those days.

This is then followed by the UTSUNOMIYA AGE GYOZA. This is a deep fried Gyoza, I find it very tasty as your can taste the crisp of the Gyoza skin, while the meat inside is still firm and meaty. Complemented with the mayonnaise like sauce, it blended well.

We tried another side order of the KAKUNI PORK. This dish takes a long time to stew, As we were told the pork belly is boiled at high temperature and then at low heat for another 4 hours and then to be cooled down and re-cook half an hour before servings. 

The result, the meat was very flavourful and fragrant of the sauce with each bite. Couples with the Yellow wasabi, it was superb. 

For dessert, we had the Crème Brulee, it was a little funny to have a western dessert in a Japanese restaurant, nevertheless one of the fellow blogger loves it.