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Thursday, 6 November 2014

AROI DEE Thai Restaurant - Palm Resort Putrajaya – Good Taste Authentic Thai and Nyonya Cuisine Review

You can’t really find restaurant these days serving authentic Thai Cuisine these days especially in Putrajaya. Most of the time, you end up with a limited choice. Best Restaurant To Eat had the pleasure to do a food review at AROI DEE THAI RESTAURANT @PALM RESORT PUTRAJAYA Selangor

What does AROI DEE stand for? GOOD TASTE in Thai,

AROI DEE THAI RESTAURANT @PALM RESORT PUTRAJAYA Head Chef Seeri has more than 25 years of cooking experience in dishing out delicious and flavourful Thai food for its patrons. He has mastered and fine tuned his fare to the local tastebuds.

The restaurant offers an indoor and alfresco dining environment, where patrons can choose to dine in the air-conditioned dining area 

Or enjoy your dinner in the naturally cool, relax, quiet or romantic evening environment which is decorated with rattan lanterns, garden lamps and lush greenery. 

For a start, we were served with a special tea which is HOT LEMON GRASS WITH HONEY. The tea is very refreshing and has a strong aroma and flavours of the Lemon Grass. Added with Honey, it has a slight sweet after-taste, that lingers around your mouth. This tea is not served as ala carte as it takes a while to boil and prepare it. It is better for you to pre-order it, if you like to try this for a change. 

This is then followed by the RED TOM YAM SOUP of which you can either order for Seafood, Prawns or Chicken but the one we had was Seafood. The fresh seafood was perfectly blended with the strong aroma of the Tom Yam which the broth was added with a little cream to make it slightly milky. 

This Tom Yam was not that spicy which was good but you can order it with extra spiciness. Make sure you let the waiter know of your preferences. The strong taste of the Lemon Grass was enticing with every sip, more so after taking the rich dishes that we had for the night.

The next dish was ENCHE KABIN – This is a NYONYA STYLE FRIED CHICKEN. The chicken wing was very crispy and crunchy of the skin layer, yet the meat was firm and you could taste the deep marinade of the chicken right to the bone.

The juicy and succulent chicken wings were finger licking good.

The next dish is the KUNG PHAD PRIK POW - SAUTEED PRAWNS WITH ROASTED CHILLI. Although this dish uses the roasted chilli, is very well controlled to give one just enough spiciness and a slight sourish taste of the tom yam fragrant.

The fragrant gravy was engulfing the juicy and succulent prawns. The gravy will be perfect to go with some warm fluffy white rice.

Next, is the TIPPAN NGUBAK - SIZZLING BEEF NYONYA STYLE, the slice beef was still juicy when served – thanks to the Chef skill in tenderizing and coating the meat with a thin layer of starch. Couple with the sweet aroma of soy/oyster sauce, it was just tasty.

Combined with the capsicum and fresh onion, one can taste the crunchy feeling of the fresh greens.

PLAR NEANG PEK SAK - SEABASS STEAMED THAI STYLE is perfumed with a tinge of sourish mustard to give you that zesty taste. 

To me, one of the most important criteria about Steamed Fish is that the fish have to be extra ordinary fresh. Any quality degradation will be evident from the sweet natural taste and the firmness of the meat. This dish has just passed this test.

KENG KEAW WAN - GREEN CURRY WITH CHICKEN - The chicken was very tender yet firm. Each piece of the chicken was coated with the thick, rich and creamy green curry sauce. 

They way it was cook, the curry retain the chicken natural taste.

KAA NA PHAD KRATIAN - FRIED HONG KONG KALE WITH SLICED GARLIC - For me, to enjoy Kale especially stir-fried, it has to give you a crunchy and firm texture of the vegetable. The gravy has to be coated with a thin layered of garlic infused oyster sauce to be tasty.

KAW PHAD SAPPORAT -FRIED RICE WITH PINEAPPLES – The quality of any fried rice is dependent on whether the chef can fried it with a minimum amount of oil, rice is not lumpy i.e. each grain of rice should be by itself and the natural flavours of ingredients have to be fully coated into every grain of rice.

At AROI DEE THAI RESTAURANT @PALM RESORT PUTRAJAYA, you get this quality and the chef have added extra ingredient like the cashew nuts which add a new dimension to this Fried Rice dish. 

TUB TIM KROB - RED RUBIES/WATER CHESTNUT IN COCONUT MILK - The water chestnut was delicately coated with the sweet flavour and aroma of the santan, you can’t stop drinking it because it is so delicious. 

Added on top is it, is the sweet jack fruit which makes the entire dessert not only tasty but nice to look at too. AROI DEE THAI RESTAURANT @PALM RESORT PUTRAJAYA your new place for Authentic Thai and Nyonya Cuisine.