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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Klang : Angcle Peoh @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang Penang Street Food Comes To Klang Review By Best Restaurant

If you are in Klang and suddenly yearn for some Penang Street food, you will be able to satisfy this craving as Penang Street food has hit Klang in a big way..

Best Restaurant To Eat got the pleasure to be invited for a Penang Street Food at Angcle Peoh located at 42, Lorong Batu Nilam 21B, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang, Selangor recently.

At Angcle Peoh, you can enjoy Penang fare without any sweat as the place is air-conditioned with a simple setup with which the walls are decorated with the little journey with which the 3 generations of the Ang family that have been serving the fame Air Itam Assam Laksa since 1950.

Our review started with one of Penang favorite Street Food which is Hokkein Mee a.k.a. Prawn Mee for folks of the Klang Valley. The soup based was very fragrant with the strong aroma of the prawn broth (made from the frying of the prawns shell and blended to fine pieces and boiling it for more than 2 hours).

The serving of the pork for this Hokkien mee was also slightly different from the norm (which uses the dry slice pork fillet); instead it is a slice pork which is marinated and lightly coated with corn starch (much like the pork noodles type).

Next, we were served the Penang Fried Kuey Teow With Duck Eggs; Angcle Peoh also serve the traditional Fried Kuey Teow with Chicken Eggs too if you are one of those that prefers it over the duck eggs.

I find the use of duck eggs to be more aromatic; and it brings out the taste of the Fried Kuey Teow. Although it was served with 2 pieces of reasonably size prawns; I find the lacks of cockles in the dish to be too little and too small. Yours truly just loves the Penang Fried Kuey Teow with lots of cockles as the cockles taste is the one that brings out the truly great flavour and taste of a real Penang Fried Kuey Teow.

This is then followed by the Signature Air Itam Assam Laksa, According to Ms Ang, her grandmother was the one; who was selling this same Assam Laksa in Air Itam in 1950 using a kandar (much like the nasi kandar man during that era) and a basket which are filled with the broth and condiments for the delicious laksa.

One of the thing that I notice in the Assam Laksa that are served at Angcle Peoh is that, there is a very generous portion of sardines fish meat in every bowl of laksa; which explains the strong fishy taste and coupled with the fragrantful aroma of the bunga kantan makes this broth unpretentious.

Our final dish is the Curry Mee; the curry here has a different texture in that, it is not the rich type of santan based curry which I prefer.

According to the chef, this version enables the customers to taste the spices in the curry; one has to appreciate the strong taste of the curry ingredient that was put into this curry broth.

For desserts, we were served the Air Batu Campur (ABC) which has the cream of corn, julienne grass jelly and red beans.

But the other dessert; which is the Cendol, was my favorite dessert at Angle Peoh as the cendol, has a firm texture and a very strong pandan taste (thru the use of fresh pandan leaves) and perfectly blended with the santan juice.

The cendol were inhouse made and was a definite a mildly sweet thirst soother after all the fiery spicy food dishes that we had earlier.

Judging from the large crowd during our visit; it seems that Klang folks have already discovered this Angcle Peoh at Bukit Tinggi Klang to satisfy their Penang Street food craving.