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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Putrajaya Thai Fest Dinner Buffet & Flaming BBQ Buffet at Palm Cafe @Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City Putrajaya Review By Best Restaurant

Buffet is very common offering at Restaurant especially in a Hotel, but a buffet which has its theme as Thai food is quite rare. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review a special Thai Food Buffet Dinner review at Palm Cafe at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City Putrajaya, Selangor.

The Thai Dinner Buffet is only available on every Friday; while the BBQ Buffet is on every Saturday for Dinner.

Spearheaded by Chef Seeri Phokeaw, the head chef which specialize in the Thai and Nyonya cuisine; the buffet spread comprise of popular Prawn Tom Yam Soup which is the perfect start for the buffet.

Followed by appetizers consisting of local and Thai appetizers to vet your appetite for the Buffet.

Other Thai specialty dishes like the Pad Thai

Fish Head Curry - Fish head of the day was the Salmon Fish Head.

Fried Beef Thai Crispy Garlic

Prawn With Salted Eggs - superbly flavourful and first to finish.

Fried Fish With Thai Curry Paste

Bamboo Clam Curry

and try some local favorites like the Assam Laksa.

To end the Thai Buffet Dinner, there are a wide varieties of Thai dessert like the Glutinous Rice with Mango and local dessert to end your buffet with a sweet note. The Thai Dinner Buffet is at RM68 nett and available only on every Friday.

BBQ Buffet - Only Available on Saturday.

For Saturday, enjoy the Flaming BBQ Buffet offering of Palm Cafe which is very elaborately laden with good and fresh quality Seafood and delectable meats.

To start off the buffet dinner you can start the succulent fresh oyster or mussel with a dash of tabasco and lemon.

followed by the Prawns on Ice which has a firm, sweet and natural marine saltiness in its flesh.

Among the seafood offering for the BBQ are the Cray Fish


Bamboo Clams

Tiger Prawns

while the meat offering are the Beef

followed by the Lamb which has was very tender and firm texture.

and the bouncy chicken sausage - which is perfect for grilling.

For the BBQ meat and seafood, you can choose either the mushroom sauce, BBQ sauce or the Black Pepper Sauce, my preference is on the Mushroom and Black Pepper and an array of other special dips and sauces.

For Satay fans, you can opt the Chicken or the Beef.

After a hearty meal of BBQ, you can cool yourself with some of the local fruits to end your sumptuous meal.

The price for the Saturday BBQ buffet is at RM91 nett . You can make your reservation for both the Dinner Buffet at 603 8943 2233