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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Petaling Jaya: Slurp Cafe @ Dataran 32 (3 Two Square) Asian Japanese Fusion Super Heroes Theme Cafe Review

If you love super heroes like the avengers in particularly Iron Man or Batman or Spider man or even Dragon Ball, you will find the Slurp Cafe located at No. C-16-01, Dataran 32 or aptly known as 3 Two Square No. 2, Jalan 19/1 46300 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan a super hang out place for you.

Best Restaurant To Eat did a review of this restaurant which has its wall decorated with these super heroes figurines and cartoons character. The entire place looks like you are in this special super heroes wonderland, which decals and little figurines of these super heroes.

So, besides having a meal with your buddies or a cup of latte, you can also enjoy the company of these super heroes that are placed all over the restaurant.

Our food review started with the Okonomiyaki - a fusion Japanese pancake which has Squid, prawns and scallop laden with thin Fried Japanese pancake (much like nachos) and top with a special sauce with mayonnaise. Nice snack to start off our review.

followed by the chicken salad - the salad comes with a generous amount of pan fried chicken fillet and half piece of poached egg.

Next dish is the specially concocted Black Omurice; of which the Japanese rice was fried with squid ink noticeably from the black rice as shown in picture above. Taste wise it was delicious and eaten with the special omelette with the special sauce was anything but tasty. 

To eat the Omurice, one has to slice the top layer of the omelette and upon slicing, it will reveal a rich, fluffy scrambled eggs that will cover the rice.

To accompany the Omurice: there are a number of add on dishes; the one that we had was the karrage chicken. The chicken breast was deep fried with a crusty skin texture.

Another interesting twist at Slurp Cafe is the Maggi Murtabak Chicken Patty; it is a very interesting creation of this dish which has a thick chicken patty; topped with a sunny side up and accompanied with potato wedges and salad as sides. To enjoy this Murtabak is really an acquired taste.

This is then followed by another innovative dish which is the Sambal Pasta - Substituting the rice with pasta and ingredients usually found from the local favourite Nasi Lemak; it was a bold yet another surprisingly tasty dish.

The stir fried pasta with sambal was accompanied with fried anchovies, peanut, hardboiled egg, sambal cockles, cucumber, pan fried sambal chicken, prawn and papadam making it a familiar taste for many to relish.

to end the day; we had 2 lip smacking and eye pleasing dessert which is the Mango Blast which has Mango Sorbet, Vanilla Ice Cream, Yoghurt Ice Cream, Fresh Indian Mango and Blue berries. The Indian Mango was superb and very sweet.

while the Strawberry Fountain has Strawberry Sorbet,Vanilla Ice Cream, Yoghurt Ice Cream, Fresh Japanese Strawberries and Blue berries concoction was indeed a very special sweet sourish end to our review.

At Slurp Cafe, you can have the company of Doraemon and many other characters during your meals at Slurp Cafe.

Overall, the food serves at Slurp Cafe are indeed very slurpy and tasty. With an innovative chef, more dishes will be coming forth. If you just love to hang with your buddies while enjoying a nice meal accompanied with your super heroes, Slurp Cafe @ 3 Two Square will definitely be a good choice for you.

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