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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ramen Kanbe Restaurant Empire Damansara - Tasty In House Made Shoyu Based Ramen Review

Ramen is a staple food in Japan, where many people eat it at stalls,kiosk and restaurant, we Malaysian have a love affair with ramen too with the sprouting of many Ramen shop. With that Best Restaurant To Eat went to taste out Ramen Kanbe Restaurant located at G28, Block Empire Retail, Empire Damansara No.2, Jalan PJU 8 47820, Damansara Perdana Petaling Jaya Selangor .

The decor at Ramen Kanbe is one which is a very simple and open layout concept.

Kanbe actually means Kobe, which is one of the city in Japan that is popular for its shoyu based Ramen. At Ramen Kanbe, several types of Japanese finest soy sauces are blended with high quality kombu kelp from Hokkaido to use as the key ingredient in the preparation of this special soy sauce.

Our first taste of Ramen Kanbe is the signature Ramen which is Charsiu Ramen with its signature broth. According to Mr. Nagasawa San the Ramen are made in house daily using the finest flour to ensure its freshness. Over the years Ramen Kanbe have perfected the recipe that ensure the consistent taste and firm texture of all its noodles.

The soup based is a process in which vegetables and chicken broth are cooked for 7 hours and coupled with the special soy sauce to fully draw out the full flavours of the soup. 

This is then followed by the Pan Seared Gyoza as a side dish to the Ramen. 

The Gyoza have a meaty pork vegetable filling and have a crisp on the outside while the meat filling is still moist in the inside.

The next Ramen that we had was the Cold Ramen that comes strip of char siu, black fungus,  preserved ginger, eggs strip and strip of green lettuce with a light cold sauce.

I find this Ramen very refreshing from the use of the ingredients and also the cold sauce. This Ramen also comes together with a special Yellow wasabi at its side; when mix together with the Ramen it gives you that pungent after taste.

The next side dish is the Karaage chicken which is a boneless chicken thigh marinated in a special in house made sauce.  A well complimented side dish after the Cold Ramen.

We next move to try out some of the Rice dishes, which is the Japanese Fried Rice. We were really surprised on this dish, as it was very flavourful and comes with a wok hei aroma without burning the rounded Japanese rice.

We were told that the rice was pre-cooked with some condiments and left in the refrigerator. When customer order it; it will be taken out and cooked with the add on of the Char Siu, spring onion, eggs and chopped carrot to the right flavourful  aroma of the wok hei.

We then had the Spicy Ramen, which uses the same broth but added with a special imported spicy paste which has the aroma and flavour of the bean paste.

The Spicy Ramen is sprinkle with Spring Onion and topped with finely minced chicken meat.

We then had the Torisoboro Rice which is rice with spicy pork minced meat. To eat it you mix the minced pork meat with the rice, I personally find the meat to be a little too dry; it would be great that there is some additional meat sauce or the use of a little more fatty meat which would have the additional oil to smoothen the rice.

The last side dish that we tried was the Otsumami Char Siu. The meat of this Char Siu is from the pork shoulder which has a balance of meat and fat and stewed for more than 1 hour in a special blend of soy sauce and served with bean sprout and chopped spring onion.

The end result is that that pork is very flavourful and have a soft texture culminated from the cooking process. This side dish is best to complement with a cold glass of beer. 

At, Ramen Kanbe Restaurant, although it is a simple no-fuss setup with minimal dishes, the Ramen that are served here does stand out in terms of quality, texture and taste.

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