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Monday, 22 June 2015

San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro - Empire Damansara - Delicious Ala Carte Korean BBQ Buffet - All You Can Eat Best Restaurant Review

Korean BBQ is gaining popular and have a huge following in the Klang Valley. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a Ala Carte Korean BBQ Buffet at San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro located at G16, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Selangor.

The set up here reminisce of olden days with a simple rustic and minimalist setup with wooden table that was made from wooden plank and wooden chair.

At San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro, the buffet serves here is the Ala carte; i.e. you order what you like to eat and they will serve you rather than the buffet, where you need to make many round to the buffet counter. This makes dining here more pleasant and you can really enjoy the BBQ food.

As with any Korean BBQ, we were served, the normal condiments which is the Garlic, Green Cut Chillies, sauces and green lettuce to be eaten with the BBQ dishes.

While at San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro they also serves a varieties of side dishes to accompany our meal.

The Ala carte menu is broken down to 2 section, which is the BBQ section and also the precooked item; you can order this while waiting for your BBQ item to be ready.

To start off, we ordered from the BBQ section which is Busut Sam Gyup Sal - Grilled Sliced Pork with Mushroom

followed by the Sam Gyup Sal - Grilled Slice Pork while Gochujang Sam Gyu Sai - the marinate of the meat was just right having the right flavour and balance use of the Gochujang sauce.

the next is the Dwaeji Ju Mul Leok - Seasoned Pork 

Sam Bulgogi - Squid and Pork Bulgogi

the delicious looking Daepae Sam Gyup Sa - Bamboo Grill Sliced Pork 

Dak BBQ - Chicken BBQ

and lastly the Beef Ju Mul Luk - Seasoned Beef.

For the cooked dishes, we tried the PaJeon - Green Onion Pancake

Fried Chicken

GoChujang Chicken

The Japche - Noodles with Sauteed Vegetables - must try.

The Tteokboki - Spicy Stir Fried Rice Cake

and the LA Beef Rib Jung Sik

While we had the Doenjang Jjigae - Soy Bean Paste Soup

We also tried the Kim Chi Jjigae - Kim Chi Soup 

For Rice, we tried the Dolsot Bibimbap - Mixed Rice with Various Vegetable in Stone Pot.

The Ala Carte Korean BBQ Buffet is priced at RM39 for lunch and RM45 for dinner. For the quality and portion of food served here, we feel that it is a real treat and value for money especially for those that are fans of Korean BBQ and Korean food.

Overall, we enjoyed the food that are served at San Nan Deul as it was prepared and cooked with the the right balance of flavour.

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