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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Ramen Ten Tokyo Shin Sushi Japanese Restaurant Jaya 33 Petaling Jaya - Fusion Japanese Ramen With A Twist Review

We had tasted many version of Ramen from different Ramen shop all over Malaysia, Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to preview a special type of Ramen typically served with a twist at Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo Sushi located at Jaya 33 Lot PG-02B Level Podium Ground Floor Jalan Semangat Section 13 46100 Petaling Jaya.

The setting of Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo Sushi is simple, clean and modern Japanese setting.

At Ramen Ten, they like to take Ramen eating to a different level; i.e. by giving it a new twist with a different flavours that suits the Asian and in particular the Malaysian market as reviewed by us with the special Ramen Dishes.

To start off our review; we had the Soft Shell Crab To(&) Salmon Skin Salad RM 23.90. The serving of the soft shell was of generous portion as unlike some that we have eaten it is covered with a lot of batter and you can't really figure out whether there is any crab there.

Fresh iceberg lettuce and green coral salad adorn with deep fried whole soft shell crab, crispy salmon skin, cherry tomatoes, carrots topped with a creamy Ni Tamago on an in house made sesame sauce gives it a tantalize taste while the crispy salmon skin and soft shell crab gives the crunch for this refreshing salad.

We then proceeded to taste the Ramen Ten - Santen Sashimi Moriawase (RM 33.90) which consists of the Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Belly Sashimi, Tuna (Maguro) Sashimi. This sashimi platter is served on a bed of shaved ice and decorated in a very nice bowl that pleases our eyes.

As mentioned earlier, most Ramen outlet usually sells the either the Shio (Salt), Shoyu (Soy sauce) or Miso but at Ramen Ten, their chef has created a special Dry version of Ramen which is Chicken Teriyaki Dry Ramen (RM 16.90). 

This is quite similar to the Wantan Dry Noodles but with a variation of using Ramen and then to add it up with an in house made Teriyaki sauce which was of the right balance in terms of sweetness level for my taste bud.

The Ramen was cooked to the right texture and retains the springy feels when eaten, while the succulent chicken thigh as the meat based was perfectly grilled with the teriyaki sauce. This Ramen is served with fresh lettuce, carrot and chopped scallion.

Another twist of the Ramen that we tasted here is the Tom Yum Chicken Katsu Ramen (RM 22.05). The soup flavour was very rich and has the right balance in terms of spicy and the sourish level.

It is served with a half tamago lava egg, lime. nori sheets, chopped scallion and some bean sprout and carrots for an added crunch. This Ramen set comes with the Chicken Katsu which is a deep fried breaded crunchy chicken thigh.

For those that prefer rice over Ramen, you can try out Chicken Teriyaki Don Set {RM 17.90), as the Chicken Teriyaki is the same as the earlier Teriyaki Ramen but now replace by the Japanese rice.

This Don Set comes served with 3 side dishes which is a mini salad, miso soup and a half of Ni Tamago (Lava egg).

If you have a big appetite, you can opt to order the Deluxe Combo Set (RM 28.90) which is a combination sets that complete an entire taste experience. In this set, you can taste the different Japanese dishes all in one.

This Deluxe set allows you to taste a little of everything starting with a sashimi, followed by a cold Udon noodles, Japanese rice, a Chawanmushi, some fried tempura, a california roll, miso soup, salad and fruits to complete your entire meal. One thing about the tempura that is served here, We like the light coating and the crisp of the batter which gives a very distinctive crunch when eaten.

Next, we had an offering from the Sushi counter which was the Tuna Mayo Roll (RM 16.90). The chef again has a new twist to this specialty sushi, in that tuna filling is not being rolled into, but as a topped up on the sushi.

This way, we find that you can really taste the chunk of tuna and the ebiko which is covered on the outside of the of the sushi makes eating this sushi roll with a burst feel of the ebiko. It is then topped with a slight Teriyaki sauce to enhance the entire flavour of the sushi.

After that we had the Asari Butter Soup (RM 11.90). The natural taste of the Clam and the clear butter soup was a nice change from our dishes that we had earlier. This will be a good choice to start a meal with a soupy feel.

 Another appetizer that we had was the Chuka Santen Moriawase (RM 15.90) which is a selection of 3 types of seasoned seafood dishes which is Chuka Iidako (Seasoned Baby Octopus), Chuka Kurage (Seasoned Jellyfish) and Chuka Sazae (Seasoned Snail).

To finish our meal we had the Matcha Milk Shake (RM 17.90) for dessert. The dessert is a blended Matcha ice cream and topped with whipping cream with soft serve vanilla ice cream, azuki and a sprinkle of matcha powder.

Their New Menu is up and now every diners can enjoy 10% DISCOUNT on TOTAL BILL during their promotion period ~ RM12.90 onwards for their Value Don Sets.

For the coming Ramadan from June 18 to July 16, 2015, there will be a special promotion of 10% DISCOUNT on ALL SUSHI BELTS ITEMS and FREE Hot/Cold Green Tea + 2 pieces of Kurma for all diners at JAYA 33 Outlet only.

Ramadan Promotion from 18 June to 16 July, 2015 with complimentary Hot/Cold Green Tea with 2 pieces Kurma for all diners at IKANO POWER CENTRE Outlet only.

Do check out the Ramen Ten Tokyo Shin Sushi Japanese Restaurant Jaya 33 Petaling Jaya to try out some of this new twist Dry Ramen, Spicy Ramen and Soup Ramen.