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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Bar-B-Q Plaza Berjaya Times Square Bukit Bintang

Mouth watering BBQ Meal @ Bar-B-Q Plaza

Bar-B-Q Plaza Berjaya Times Square Bukit Bintang Address
Lot 03-115, 3rd Floor
Berjaya Times Square
Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Fans of BBQ would probably be very familiar with Bar B Q Plaza (started more than 11 years ago). We had the opportunity to taste out the BBQ family set at Bar-B-Q Plaza Berjaya Times Square Bukit Bintang recently and also some of their speciality side dishes.

Bar B Gon is the mascot and the symbol of the delicious taste of Bar-B-Q Plaza, he likes delicious food and can eat a lot of food at a time.

In Thailand, there are 96 branches of Bar-B-Q Plaza making it the biggest restaurant in barbeque category and is the 2nd biggest casual dining restaurant in Thailand. While in Malaysia, there are more than 16 branches to cater to the BBQ fans here.

To start off, you can have a choice of either ordering as a set package (family, supreme, economy), or the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet or Ala-Carte where you can decide what you like to order individually.

We decided to go with the Deluxe Family Set (RM67.90) which has a little of everything like for example in this set, there are the meat slices, it comes with Pork and Lamb slices.

There is also the Beef slices which comes from Australia.

followed by the vegetables and seafood tray.

At Bar-B-Q Plaza, there is only 1 type of sauce; which is their signature sauce, you will add in the garlic, chopped chillies padi and lime juice as per your preferences. Mix them well and you are ready to go. You can tune up your spicy or sourish level based on the quantity that suits you. For some that loves the taste of this sauce, they will use this sauce to coat it on their ingredient before putting onto the grilling pan.

To start off the BBQ meal, first you have to pour in the chicken soup, you then use the pork lard which is given for each customer to oil the grilling pan, this will make the meat less sticky to the pan and also gives out that extra special porky flavour to your ingredient.

After that, you fill the grilling pan with the Cabbage which you can have an unlimited refill of it. The cabbage is also to enhance the flavour of the soup.

This is then followed by laying out all your ingredient on the special copper grilling pan accordingly; whether you want them as a BBQ or just to be simmered in the chicken soup. The juices from the ingredient will flow down the aisle of the pan to enhance the flavour of the soup. Simply delicious.

We also ordered the Marinated Chicken Set (RM29.90). The chicken is julienne cut and is marinated with a special in-house made miso sauce.

Besides BBQ food item, at Bar-B-Q Plaza, they do serve a number of side dishes from the Special Item Menu which you can be ordered to kick start your meals. We were told one of the signatures must order is the Bacon Garlic Rice (RM3.80). It was indeed flavourful and tasty to be eaten just by itself. You can also eat it with the other BBQ food as an add-on.

The next side dish that you can order is the Fried Bacon Roll (RM11.90). Crispy on the outside, while the soft texture of the enoki and the asparagus makes it a delight to be eaten with the enclosed sauce.

The next side dish, that we ordered is the Moo Ping (RM11.90). This is a very popular street food in Thailand. It is a meat paste much like our Malaysian Satay which is marinated with special condiments and grill to a nice charred.

and the last side dish that we had is the Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Oats (RM13.90). The soft Shell crab together with the oats and curry leaf are fried to a crunchy texture. As the chef uses the curry leaf it exudes out a nice fragrant aroma of the curry taste into the soft shell crabs. Just nice as a starter for our BBQ meal. Best if eaten with a cold beer.

For those that are heavy eaters, you might want to go for the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet as per the menu above.

For more details of Bar-B-Q Plaza branch location in Malaysia, you can visit Bar-B-Q Plaza facebook page or Bar-B-Q Website.

Bar-B-Q Plaza Berjaya Times Square Bukit Bintang Address Location Map