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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wine Pairing Dinner : Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill Traders Hotel KLCC - New Zealand Week

In conjunction with the New Zealand Week, Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill @Traders Hotel KLCC together with New Zealand Unlimited is running a special promotion to taste and wine with some of the best produce from New Zealand.

New Zealand is popular for its meat, for example, their lamb, the dairy product such as Cheese, seafood produce namely King Salmon and of late its' wines which are regarded as some of the world’s best.

During the week from 7th to 12th November, there will be a series of New Zealand top quality food produce that will be used to by Chef Mat Cook with a special 6 Course Wine Dinner on the 10th November 2016. There will also be a cooking class which will be held on 12th November 2016 (RM160.00 Nett).

For other days, the New Zealand specials will also be offered for lunch (2 or 3 Course as above).

For the 6 Course New Zealand Wine Dinner (RM289.00 Nett), the first course is the BREAD - it is a Light Rye Handmade Bread served with Green Lipped Mussel and Miso Butter and Cauliflower Almond Puree.

This BREAD is paired with Woven Stone Pinot Gris 2012.

while the second course is the APPETISER i.e the Cured NZ King Salmon - served with Avocado Milk, julienne cucumber, tinkles of pomelos and shaved fennels. We always like the texture and fine taste of the NZ King Salmon and find this pairing of the different ingredients to be just balanced.

The New Zealand wine that is paired for the appetiser is the Wooing Tree Chardonnay 2012.

For the ENTREE we had the Roasted Venison which is served with Red Cabbage, Turnips, Smoked Chestnuts with Cocoa Nib Jus.

The wine that is paired with this Roasted Venison is the Waimea Estate Trev's Red 2013.

And for the Main dish for the night is the Pure South Lamb Loin served with a Shoulder Confit, Cracked Wheat, Eggplant, Saffron Yoghurt, Peas and Pine nuts. Lovely texture and taste that was perfectly paired to the Pinot Noir.

Our wine for this lovely dish is the Tankersley Estate Pinot Noir 2013

the Fifth Course is the CHEESE. A good quality cheese always goes well with wine. For this, we had the Kapiti Cheese served with Baguette, Rose Pear, Earl Grey Tea and Fig Jam.

and the wine for this fine cheese is the Wooing Tree Trickled Pink 2012.

while for Dessert, we had the Whittaker's Chocolate Cremeux; a coffee sponge that is served with passion fruit melting moments and hokey pokey ice cream.

The wine for the dessert is the Vinoptima Gewurztraminer 2008.

GoBo Upstairs Lounge and Grill New Zealand Week Wine Dinner Menu
New Zealand Week Wine Dinner Menu

For reservations and more information about the New Zealand Week, you can call 603 2332 9910 or email to