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Friday, 4 November 2016

Cafe Petaling Jaya : Crema Crema Cafe @ Petaling Jaya New Town

There aren't many cafes in the Petaling Jaya New Town area, as most are concentrated on areas where younger generations hang out like Kota Damansara or Uptown. We found this newly opened cafe which is Crema Crema Cafe @ Petaling Jaya New Town which serves an array of delicious Western fares.

Crema Crema Cafe Address
44, Jalan 52/4, PJ NewTown
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Started by 3 young food enthusiast with a strong penchant for good food and coffee, the setup at the Crema Crema Cafe @ Petaling Jaya New Town is one of a pretty chic with the walls around the cafe adorned with cheeky murals.

We started off our tasting with a breakfast offering of the Crema Crema version Egg Benedict (RM24.00). You can have it anytime of the day at this cafe. The runny poached eggs are served with a fresh portobello mushroom together with fresh lettuce; topped with an in-house made hollandaise sauce bedded with waffles. We especially like the mushroom and the waffles which make a great compliment pretty well to each other.

Next, we had the fusion pasta which is the Seafood Laksa Pesto (RM23.00). The in-house special laksa pesto sauce which has a blend of Daun Kesum Herbs and Bunga Kantan gives out a hint taste of the Assam Laksa taste. We find it just right as it was very fragrant and mix well cooking together with the squids, prawns, and mussels. For those that loves it a little more sourish, you can add some lime juice over it too.

After that, we had the Carbonara Spaghetti (RM23.00). This pasta looks simple but tasted good; as the cream sauce are blended well to the pasta unlike some which are either overly wet or sticky.  It is served with julienned Turkey Ham with slices of Beef Bacon and mushrooms.

Then we proceeded to the mains dish which is the Grilled Chicken Chop (RM17.00). The chicken was fried to a crisp on the outside while maintaining the succulent texture of the meat. It comes with a separate sauce. It is served with mashed potatoes, salads, baked tomatoes with a choice of either the mushroom, black pepper, creamy tomatoes or the signature coffee sauce which we had. We like the coffee sauce as it was not too strong of coffee and it did goes well with all the other ingredients that came with the dish.

and the last mains is the Lamb Shanks (RM32.00). The lamb shanks are braised with a tomato based sauce and served with mashed potatoes, salad, and baked tomatoes. We find the texture of the meat to be a little tougher (as we prefer the fork tender texture for our lamb shanks) and have feedback to the owner accordingly.

while for Desserts, we had the in-house made Tiramisu (RM15.00) which has a nice smooth coffee flavor with the right balance of mascarpone cheese coupled with layers of Italian ladyfinger and chocolate chips for some additional bite to this lovely dessert.

For a limited time during the afternoon tea break you get a FREE in-house made Salted Egg Croissant or Lava Cheese Tart for every cup of coffee you order! This is a limited time offer.

Overall we did enjoy some of the nicely prepared dishes at Crema Crema @ Petaling Jaya New Town.

Crema  Crema Cafe @ Petaling Jaya New Town  Address Location Map