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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sri Hartamas Food - Pepelicious Restaurant @ Galeria Hartamas

Tired and bored on standard Italian dishes, now you can get some variety of Italian food with a fusion twist at Pepelicious Restaurant @Sri Hartamas.

Pepelicious Restaurant Address 
B-G-10, Galeria Hartamas, 21, 
Jalan 26a/70a, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Stemming from the love of Italian food, its owners have decided to invoke their creative side to bring forth an intriguing and extraordinary taste to its customers in the bustling Sri Hartamas neighbourhood.

At Pepelicious the decor is one of a modern design with a bar for you to chill over the stressful day. It is also a really nice place where you can dine in a quiet and quaint setting with families, friends and associates.

Our dinner started with an order of the appetiser which is Nachos Parmi (RM16.90). We like the slightly sourish vegetarian based sauce which is cooked with Capsicum, Mushroom with Parmigiana sauce. The enclosed nachos are topped with melted Mozzarella Cheese. These nacho are a real treat to whet our appetite for the forthcoming dishes.

Next on the table is our salad; which is the Grilled Chicken Miso Salad (RM19.90). A simple salad that consists of Grilled Chicken with fresh Romaine Lettuce, Red Coral, Wild Rocket, Red Onion Rings and Cherry Tomatoes topped with a Poached Eggs and a special homemade Miso sauce.

Malaysian just loves their salted eggs and with that, Pepelicious Restaurant has curated a Pizza which has its main ingredient of this Malaysian favourite which is called the Fungo Mumbo (RM18.90). Cut mushroom is cooked in rich creamy salted eggs sauce and then topped with capsicum and sprinkles of indulgent salted eggs yolk to satisfy your cravings.

For those that loves a little spiciness; can taste out the Spicy Hot Chixx (RM17.90). It is minced chicken which is cooked in a fragrant spicy sauce and bedded with a creamy white sauce. Naan bread is used as the base for all its Pizza at Pepelicious Restaurant.

Our next main dish is the Yummylicious Chicken (RM27.90). The chicken chop was tender on the inside and well-marinated with a tinge of saltiness; while having a nice deep fried golden brown skin which is then topped with a generous amount of Spicy Peach Salsa and bedded with potato salad.

As Malaysian, Nasi Lemak is the favourite dish to many, but have you ever tried using Risotto as the rice for Nasi Lemak. Here at Pepelicious Restaurant; you get a chance to try this out with their Nasi Lemak Gone Italian (RM28.90). When the pot arrives, we can smell the flavorful aroma of the Santan. This Risotto based Nasi Lemak came with a serving of Anchovies Sambal and Deviled Beef Meat topped with deep fried Silver Tail anchovies. A real change from the norm for the Nasi Lemak freaks.

After all the mains dishes, it is time for dessert. We had 2 desserts for the night, the first of which is the Choc Infused (RM14.90) - a chocolate Lava cake served with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream. Loves the smooth Lava flow and the strong chocolatey taste of the desserts. As this are in-house made, there is a limited quantity that is available for each day.

Our last dessert is the Bailey Parfait (RM17.90) - another in-house made limited quantity dessert. Nice cream parfait which is infused with Bailey's and is layered in a nice serving glass. Layered in between are chocolate sauce and layers of crush Oreo to make a sweet ending to our dinner.

So, if you are one that like, to explore on some new taste of food, Pepelicious Restaurant definitely will satisfy your craving for it with the fusion enhanced dishes that they served.

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