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Best Jungle Resort - Sabah -Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah

DESTINATION SABAH: There are many choices for tourist to choose from to have their memorable holidays. Next year is Visit Malaysia 2020. One of the attractions in Malaysia is the vast natural rainforest in Malaysia, particularly in the Borneo i.e Sabah and Sarawak. For those that come from countries from the north of the equator will find this a very interesting travel location.

Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah

Set in the pristine forest reserves in the tranquil Lahad Datu, Sabah is the Tabin Wildlife Reserve (TWR or Tabin) with a landmass of approximately 300,000 acres. Tourist visiting Tabin will be spoilt with activities such as Nature Trails in which you get a chance to see first hand - wildlife animals in their natural habitat.

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Visit Malaysia 2020 Destination: Best Jungle Resort - Sabah -Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah, Malaysian Borneo 

Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah

You can check out the Tabin Wildlife Resort which has a total 20 units jungle lodges (10 units River Lodges, 10 units Hill Lodges), where you will wake up each morning to the sound of chirping birds and monkey calls.

Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah

Each lodge offers either a twin-bedded or double-bedded airconditioned room with en-suite bathroom & hot water shower, private balcony overlooking hillside forest or the Lipad river, and ceiling fan. You get to enjoy the natural environment with a comfortable place to stay in the wilderness.

Tabin Visitor Centre - Lahad Datu

Our suggestion is to start off with a little tour around the Tabin Resource Centre. Here you get the first-hand information on the size of the Wildlife Reserve with a focus on the type of wild animals that are found in this vast reserve. You can then decide on the activities that interest you most like Bird watching, Nature trails, Night Safari, a visit to Lipad Mud Volcano and so forth.

Borneo Rhino Alliance -Tabin Visitor Centre - Lahad Datu

Tabin has a system of nature trails plus reserve roads, each offering different uniqueness and attractions. Trekking through the nature trails provides a wonderful experience to explore and learn about exotic rainforest trees, medicinal plants, rich fauna. and the opportunity to sight rare animal and bird species.

Sunbird Cafe  -Tabin Wildlife Resort - Lahad Datu

Start your day with a hearty breakfast to start a day of leisurely activities at the Sunbird cafe which is located at the centre of the resort and is inter-connected with timber boardwalk to your lodges. For dinner, you can either order ala-carte of taking a dip in the buffet selections of the day.

Lipad Mud Volcano  -Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Lahad Datu

After breakfast, we opted for a visit to the Lipad Mud Volcano, which is about 20 mins drive by the resort staff and a trek about 700 metres to the volcano.

Watch Tower- Lipad Mud Volcano  -Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Lahad Datu

There is a watchtower for you to view the entire Volcano from atop. There is a package in which guests can stay overnight at this watchtower to experience - waiting for wildlife to come and drink water from the mud volcano in the night, which will probably be remembered for life.

Lipad Mud Volcano  -Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Lahad Datu

Guests can also do a Volcano Mud mask as it was said that volcano mud is rich in minerals, like sulfur, magnesium and zinc, its exfoliating properties mean that it removes dead outer layers of skin while it cleanses the skin. Although you can see bubbles forming from the mud (watch our video), a touch of the mud surprises us as it has very cool. And when applied to our skin, you can feel that refreshing sensation.

Night Safari - Flying Squirrel -Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Lahad Datu

When night falls on Tabin Wildlife Reserve, you can opt for a Night Safari tour. Here you will ride in an open-top lorry that will take you to the reserves to watch the nocturnal activities of the wildlife. During our tour, we were quite lucky to have watched the cat leopard, owl, flying squirrel, eagles and so forth in action. The breezy and quiet environment in the forest is very relaxing and calming to our soul. Watching these wild animal life at night is truly very different during day time.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Tabin Wildlife Resort - Lahad Datu

For more tour option and arrangement you can contact the resort at 088-267266 or Tabin Wildlife Resort or lookout for the many tour packages that will interest you.

Tabin Wildlife Resort @ Lahad Datu Sabah Location

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