Sunday, November 1, 2015

Chequers Restaurant @ TTDI KL- An American Love Affair With Waffles

Waffles is a special snack food for many American. You will be able to find a lot of restaurants in America that serves waffles almost everywhere; but not in the case of Malaysia. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste these American waffles at Chequers Restaurant which is located at 153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail TTDI Kuala Lumpur to savour some of these specially created dishes based on waffles.

Chequers Restaurant @TTDI, is decorated to resemble the minimalist American dining concept. Its' owner main aim is to inspire the taste of not only the sweet waffles, which we get to taste a lot as a desserts offering but to serve a savoury type waffles; as it will be a totally different ball game. 

The waffles that are served at Chequers Restaurant TTDI are less dense unlike the Belgian waffles and have a crisp skin. The secrets lies in a process of whipping the batter to let in more air and adding the right meringue portion.

With an expectation to taste on what savoury waffles has to offers, we started our review with 2 Waffles based breakfast delights; which the first is called the Down Town Benny (RM19.00); it is a savoury waffle, with a pan fried beef bacon and comes with 2 poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and guacamole (avocado dip) and topped with baby fresh watercress. We love the marriage of the different taste and texture made out of each of these ingredients. 

Our second breakfast dish is the Double Deck Croque Monsieur (RM18.00) which is another savoury waffle with turkey ham in between the waffles and thin tomato slices. The entire waffles is then wrapped in an egg much like a french toast and served with cheese sauce and topped with a sunny side up. As waffles are best served warm, you have to be quick into eating this to savour the best taste possible.

After the breakfast dishes, we moved to taste the main waffles inspired dishes which 2 of them are based on the savoury waffle; we begin with the Shroom Fiesta (RM20.00). This is a dish which is vegetarian; and suit those non-meat eaters or health enthusiast. It is a spinach flavoured waffle served with grilled portobello mushrooms and glazed cherry tomatoes at the sides. The dressing is balsamic and served with rocket salad and shaved parmesan cheese.

This is the followed by the Moo Moo (RM28.00) which is one of the signature dish at Chequers Restaurant TTDI. Using an in-house made seasoned striploin beef patties which are pan seared to the right charred condition; The Moo Moo is served with a special berry sauce and  topped with beef bacon, cheddar cheese, raisin slaw, pickled relish and waffle fries.

To cater to other non waffles fans, Chequers also offered a number of non-waffles dish; one that we tried was the Crusted Lamb Rack (RM42.00). Each of the lamb ribs are pan seared and served with mashed herbs potatoes, roasted baby carrots and honey grain mustard sauce. I love the texture of the meat which was still juicy and the aroma of the pan seared ribs coupled with the sauce was a wonder.

To finish off our review, we had 2 waffles based desserts; the first of which is the Melting Moments (RM17.00). It is a chocolate chip waffle i.e you can taste some of these little chocolate chips while taking bites of the waffles. Served with a hand battered banana fritters with almond nips and a scoop of vanilla ice cream which is drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, it was very well paired with the chocolate chip waffle.

The last desserts to end the review is the Tropic Delight (RM17.00). We love this coconut based dessert as not only the ingredients are coconut based, even the waffles have bits of coconut strips in it. For lovers of coconut this is just for you. The dessert comes topped with fresh coconut meat, roasted almonds, coconut ice-cream and paired with fragrant pandan sauce. 

If you just like everything waffles, Chequers @ TTDI will definitely be the place for you to satisfy your cravings. 

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