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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Kepong BBQ: CEO BBQ Restaurant - Premium BBQ served on a Platter

BBQ meal is a very popular food among Malaysian; most of the time we like to do our own BBQ; but usually fails miserably as we are not used to the timing to ensure that the food are grilled perfectly with the right smoky taste. AT CEO BBQ you will be served perfectly grilled seafood and delicacies without any hassle; you just sit down and enjoy the freshly grilled seafood and meat served at your table.

With that CEO BBQ @Kepong have invited +BestRestaurant ToEat to taste out some of its special BBQ offering especially its fresh premium BBQ seafood. By the way CEO BBQ is located at 3 & 5, Block E, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and occupies the same premise of 4Get Hotpot. Next to Aeon Big (Carrefour) - Kepong (behind the open air food court).

We started our review with the French Brown Crab (a.k.a Lazy Crab) (market price) but you have to pre-ordered it one day in advance to savour this fresh live French Crab. We were fortunate to get to taste a live French Crab as most of the time this crab is imported as a frozen one which sorely lose it firmness and taste.

Why it is called a lazy crab; this crab is inactive most of the time, even you put something in between its claw, it will not clamp it. You can just take it up turn it upside down and it will not make any movement much like a death crab.

For this crab, it will be put straight to the grillers; it may sound a little cruel and torturing to cook a live crab, but Chef Yeoh assures us that this is the best method to grill it to ensure the firmness and texture of the meat while encapsulating all the natural juices in the meat. We just love the feel, the texture, the taste and flavours of this crab dish.

But the best part to eating the French Brown Crab; is in its roe; This crab is famous for the quality and quantity of the crab roe that every crab has.

Watch the Crab on Flambe Mode.

Next, we had the the oysters in sea salt, large scallop with cheddar and mayonnaise sauce, giant scallop on chilli cheese sauce, and mussels platters. The prices will be based on market price.

The BBQ Giant Scallop (RM25.00) up close with special Chilli cheese sauce. Great succulent and bouncy texture.

Next, is our platter of New Zealand Lamb meat; with a 3 piece set Lamb Cutlet (RM 28.00) and the 2 set of Lamb Chop (each set of Lamb Chop at RM 20.00) cut into bites size for easy eating pleasure. The Lamb meat was juicy with a soft firm texture and has no gamey smell. Accompanying the lamb is the special mint sauce and BBQ sauce to goes with this meat dish.

Our next platter of BBQ Squid (RM20.00), BBQ Pork Ribs (RM35.00) and BBQ Smoked Duck (RM20.00). The Squid has a nice bouncy texture and was sprinkled with the right balance of sauce to fully enhance the flavours of the squid. On the other hand, we love the BBQ Pork Ribs, which has a special BBQ Char Siew sauce added to it before being grilled. The meat was moist and texture was just right to give us some pulling effect which we like; unlike some BBQ ribs, which has its meat easily fallen out and with soft texture.

This is the Live Fresh Water Prawns minutes before going into the grillers.

Our last platter served to us is the Prawns Platter with the Jumbo Fresh Water Prawn (market price) taking the centre stage with BBQ Prawn Extra Large (set of 4 - RM55.00) in 2 flavour i.e. the Original and the Soya based sauce. For me, I prefer the original taste as you can really taste the texture and the natural flavours of the prawns.

Our final BBQ for the night is the Bacon Enoki (RM5.00 per skewers). Love the texture and the taste. You can taste the smoked salty bacon flavour mix into the Enoki mushroom.

So, there you have it, our super delicious seafood BBQ dinner at CEO BBQ @Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Make a date with Chief Griller Mr. Yeoh to enjoy this delicacies.