Sunday, November 22, 2015

Raj's Banana Leaf Rice Restaurant @Bangsar Baru Kuala Lumpur - No MSG Banana Leaf Rice Feast

As I was in Bangsar with my makan kaki gang and it was quite sometime ago that we last eaten Banana Leaf Rice, so we decided to try out a friend recommendation on a NO MSG Banana Leaf Rice at Raj's Banana Leaf Rice Restaurant located at 38G, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

At Raj's Banana Leaf @Bangsar Baru, I saw a big notice that says NO MSG; so decided to try it out. At Raj Banana Leaf Restaurant; all its chef are from India and are specially trained to cook these authentic South Indian dishes.

As it is located at a corner shop, it offers a well lit and a clean environment to dine in, unlike some of the restaurant which are stuffy, dirty and feel claustrophobic.

As with any Banana Leaf Restaurant, there are the curries and the fried delicacies to choose from. These fried item are fried upon an order being made.

You can also personally select the kind of meat and seafood that you like from the chillers to be handed to the chief grilling chef.

For us, we choose a variety of seafood for our fried selection starting with the Fried Flower Crab (RM15.00). The crab is marinated in a special curry powder paste before being sent to the hot wok for frying. 

Next is the Giant Tiger Prawns (RM24.00 per 100g). As with the crab, the tiger prawn are also subjected to the same curry powder marinade.

Followed by the Fried Chicken (RM6.50 per piece). We like the texture of the chicken as the meat was still moist after the frying. At this restaurant the skin of the chicken have been taken out; so for those that dislike having Fried chicken skin will rejoice this Fried chicken.

We have also chosen a couple of fish to taste out, the first of which was the Senangin - Threadfin (RM 7.50 per 100g).

followed by the Tenggiri (RM6.50 per piece) and the Fried Fish Egg (RM 5.00 per 100g).

another fish was the Ikan Bulus - Silver Whiting Fish (RM7.50 per 100g).

and the last fish was the Ikan Bawal - White Pomfret (RM7.50 per 100g).

The last seafood that we selected was the Fried Squid With Onion (RM9.50 per 100g). Nice bouncy texture.

Next, we moved on to taste the curries; the first of which is the Mutton Varuval (RM10.00).

followed by the Mysore Mutton (RM11.00). For those that cannot to take too spicy curries, then Raj's will be just nice for you as most of the curries are less spicy.

and the other 2 dishes are the Chicken Peratel (RM8.00).

and Chicken Masala (RM8.00).

Besides Banana Leaf, it also serves Roti Canai and Thosai all day; together with some snack food and kuih for tea time. We tasted a couple of these roti canai starting with the plain one (RM1.50).

followed by the Roti Banana (RM3.10). One of the thing I like about the Raj Banana Leaf Restaurant is that these Roti Canai and Thosai are served on Banana Leaf.

the Roti Tissue (RM3.00).

and then the Thosai which we had was the Thosai Ghee Paper (RM3.00).

and the last one is the Rava Thosai (RM2.50).

For those that might not want to travel all the way to Bangsar to try the No MSG Banana Leaf Rice; you can go to the other 2 outlet of Raj's Banana Leaf; one in Publika and the other one which was just opened in Jalan Gasing (a few doors away from Raju Banana Leaf).

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