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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of Golden Horses Hotel Delectable Dim Sum Menu Review

Dim Sum chefs have a great task in the continual quest to satisfy customers craving for new and special Dim Sum. With that Chef Roy Wong of Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant located at the Palace Of Golden Horses Hotel Seri Kembangan have created 9 special creations Dim Sum and invited +BestRestaurant ToEat to taste this new Dim Sum dishes.

With the new look of the restaurant, Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant needs no further introduction as a premium Chinese Restaurant with the setup of an elegant and posh restaurant setting.

According to Chef Roy, Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant are now offering small plate Dim Sum, so that customer can easily share and taste more of his specialty dishes. He quips that customer are so accustomed to their delicious Dim Sum and had wanted him to create some specialty Dim Sum dishes.

For Dim Sum lovers, Kim Ma Restaurant is having a promotion of the famed "Delectable Dim Sum" throughout the month of November 2015. Priced from RM11 Nett onwards, guest can enjoy a wide variety of daily offering for lunch.

Our gastro journey at Kim Ma Restaurant of the Special creation Dim Sum started with the Dried Scallop Dumpling With Caviar. Wrapped in a snow like skin, with dried scallop and topped with ebiko and caviar, it is a real delight to taste this steaming hot dumpling.

followed by the Baked Chicken Puffs in Abalone Sauce. Crusty puff with a strong butter flavour.

The third Dim Sum is the Fresh Prawns and Chicken Dumplings with Black Vinegar. Wrapped in a thin layer of skin, the succulent bouncy prawn was a delight to bite into.

after which is the Black Mushroom Dumplings With Abalone Sauce. Fried to a golden brown, this dumpling was a nice match to the abalone sauce that came separately with the dumplings.

The fifth dim sum is the Spring Roll With Enoki Mushroom and Chicken. I am not usually a fan of Spring Roll but with the tangy mushroom which was cooked with chicken as the filling; it gives the crunchy feel of the popiah skin while the enoki mushroom was a nice tasty option as a filling.

while the sixth is the Pan Fried Chives With Seafood; With a thin layer of sticky dough; it was very flavourful with plenty of chives and was very meaty.

followed by Baked Puff With Unagi. Nice crunch from the crust and the filling with unagi was a unique ingredient in a puff.

while the eighth dish which is a Charcoal bun i.e. the Steamed Buns With Red Dates. The Red Dates flavour and aroma can be a little challenge as we are more accustomed to flavours such as the Red Beans or Lotus paste; but this one has a very unique acquired taste.

The ninth and final Dim Sum for the special creation series is the Yuan Yang Glutinous Rice Dumpling. Made from black and white glutinous rice wrap in a Pao Filling.

If you are still craving for more Dim Sum, Kim Ma Restaurant have a "All You Can Eat Dim Sum" package at only RM65.00 nett per person (this package is only available on weekends and public holidays from 10am to 4pm).