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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cheras Food: Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe Ikon Connaught - Your Japanese Neighbourhood Bakery Review

Japanese have perfected the fine art in terms of creating nice bakery and pastries; as can be seen by the many Japanese inspired bakery cum restaurant in the Klang Valley. With that +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste out one of the latest bakery produce from Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe located at G-08, IKON Connaught, Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

What makes Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe different is the type of flour that is used to prepare the dough? The flour that is used at Haru Bakery is the High Protein Flour which are imported from Japan.

Using the right technique to prepare the bread dough will determine the fluffiness, soft and moist texture of each buns. There are many flavors of bun that are served at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe and the following are the one that we tasted.

The first is the Amazing Chestnut Bun (RM3.80).  For chestnut fans, you will find the filling very nutty. Nice to be eaten with a cup of coffee.

Next is the Butter Croissant (RM 3.80). For those that love their croissant to be less buttery, you will find this just nice for you. It has that crisp layers and fluffiness texture.

Caramelised Apple Bun (RM 3.40). Balance of sweetness of caramelized apple filling with the soft sweet bun texture. 

The above is the Cranberry Cheese Bun (RM3.60). 

Fruity Red Bean Banana. This bun is banana flavoured with a red bean paste filling. 

Mexico Cheese Bun. This is a fusion of the popular Mexico bun but with a topping of walnut and almond chips.

The above bun is called the Mini Pizza (RM 5.90). Why this bun is called the mini pizza is because the fillings of this bun are tomatoes, sausages, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and topped with a sliced cheese are all the ingredient that made up a pizza.

Spring Lady (RM 3.80) has spring onions, cheese, mayonnaise and ham as its filling.

Japanese Curry Onigiri (RM 3.40). A fusion bun which consists of bonito flakes, mayonnaise and seaweed on top of the bun with a Japanese curry sauce.

For non bun lovers or you would like a more savoury meals at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe, you can try out the Squid Ink Pasta (RM16.80). This pasta has a light touch of squid ink although I would have prefered a stronger dose of squid ink for this dish.

The other pasta which we tasted was the Wafu Mentai Spaghetti (RM14.80). Loves the ebiko topping on the light wafu sauce. 

For sweet tooth fans, the Go Banana (RM 15.50) dessert is your dream dessert.  Served on a special Haraju Toast topped with slices of cut bananas, a scoop of ice-cream and Chantilly cream drizzled with chocolate sauce.

While the Mary Berry (RM 18.50) is topped with mixed berries, Chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream plus some sweet mixed berries and raspberry sauce was the perfect end to our food review.