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Monday, 16 November 2015

Kepong Steamboat: 4Get Hotpot Restaurant - Premium Seafood Steamboat

For steamboat lovers in Kepong, there is this restaurant that serves premium fresh seafood with a special Assam Laksa steamboat broth that you can't find elsewhere, what's more they also served fresh Seafood BBQ too. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste this special steamboat at 4Get Hotpot located at 3 & 5, Block E, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Next to Aeon Big (Carrefour) - Kepong (behind the open air food court).

This is a no frills restaurant setup and it's main mission is to let customers enjoy top quality ingredients with some of its exclusive premium broth to take steamboat to the next level especially for Kepong folks.

There are many premium steamboat set that are served here but for lobster lovers especially yours truly, you can taste this fresh lobster set at RM49.90 per pax. The picture above is for a 2 pax set which includes meatballs, tofu, seafoods, vegetables and etc.

At 4Get Hotpots @Kepong, you can also ordered ala carte wafer thin meat slices; which includes pork, beef, lamb or fish slices to add on; the one we had is the thin slice pork belly at RM13.90.

or you could order the simple looking but delicious chunky inhouse made Hearty Dumpling (RM13.90) which was made by the owners' mother herself. 

or try out the boneless Chicken Meat at RM10.90.

For the noodles, if you were to order the Assam Laksa broth, make sure you try out the special beehoon as shown above. After putting it into the broth it looks like lai fun (the type which is for assam laksa) i.e silky smooth but have a more slippery texture compared to that; even if you have overcooked it. Loves slurping it with my assam laksa broth.

For the soup based you can choose either the normal Clear soup broth and Tom Yum soup based. There is no charge for these 2 soup base.

The other 2 soup base we tasted was the premium soup based i.e the Szechuan Spicy - half pot (RM15.00). 

and the Assam Laksa - (RM7.00 half pot). The Assam Laksa broth was very flavourful and we had most of our delicacies dipped into this broth. A truly authentic first of its kind steamboat broth and all of us just love it.

At 4Get Hotpot they also serves an array of BBQ seafood which you can read from our next blog. Click Here to go to CEO BBQ.