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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Three Brothers Restaurant @ Seksyen U5 Bandar Pinggiran Subang - Hidden Gems Chinese Fusion Cuisines

Three Brothers Restaurant @ Seksyen U5 Bandar Pinggiran Subang is a hidden gem for Chinese Cuisine that has been around for more than 8 years serving Chinese and speciality dishes. Recently it underwent a minor refurbishment of the restaurant to offer an improved dining experience for its diners.

Three Brothers Restaurant @ Seksyen U5 Address
23-G, Jalan Bulan, C A U5/CA
Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Seksyen U5
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

One of the key things about dining in this restaurant is in the friendly service offered by the owner as whenever there are top quality ingredient either Fresh Ocean trout, Giant Garoupa, Fresh Oyster from Australia, it will inform its customers accordingly. These top picks are usually taken up immediately by its loyal customers.

We had the opportunity to taste out some of its new menu offering which are top sellers among some of its loyal customers, the first of which is the Double Boiled Chicken With Geoduck Soup (RM88.00). The list of ingredient going into this soup is the Kampung Chicken, Geoduck, Brazil Mushroom, Dry Scallop and numerous Chinese soup herbs. The soup which was double boiled for hours extracted out the full flavours of all the ingredients and condiments.

The next soup we had is the Peppered Pig Stomach Soup. To enhance the flavours of the soup, Spare pork ribs and chicken feet we added into this version of the Three Brothers. We find the soup lacks a little on the strong peppery of our benchmark. The owner highlight that the newer version of the soup will be more peppery as he is waiting for his new found pepper concoction to arrive.

As mention earlier, we had the opportunity to taste the just arrived new stock of Fresh Oyster from Australia. At Three Brothers Restaurant @ Seksyen U5, the oysters are served in 3 different styles; the first of which is the Plain and simple style with a squeeze of Lemon. The size served today is the Medium size (RM12.00 per piece). The freshness of the oysters was superb and the tinge of lemon does bring out the natural salty taste of the oyster.

The second style is the Oyster in XO Sauce.

while the third is the Oyster in Garlic Ginger Sauce.

After that, we had the Curry - another best seller from Three Brothers Restaurant @ Seksyen U5. There is 2 option that you can choose from - which are more for the ingredients. The first is the Curry Fish Head (RM40.00). The first head that is used for our dish is the Red Snapper although I personally would love it with a Garoupa Fish head which has a firmer texture. In place of the Santan is the C Milk which makes it lighter. This curry is best eaten with hot steamed white rice or the bee hoon.

While the Second option is the Seafood Curry (seasonal price), the curry broth is the same as the Fish Head curry; the only difference is in the choice of ingredients; the pot that we had comes with Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Clams served with an array of ladies fingers, brinjals, and my favourite Tau Foo Pok.

At the restaurant, there also served Steamed Fish, we tried 2 styles of the steamed fish; the first was the special Kong Sai Steamed which uses a combination concoction of the famous Bentong ginger, Young Ginger, Coriander, Garlic, and Shallot. We love the combination of the sauce, which has a strong gingerly taste and was best paired with rice. This version is the most popular for its steamed fish series. The fish that we had is the Tiger Garoupa Tail but customers can choose another type of fish for this style.

The second steamed fish is the Soya Sauce Steamed Fish. Love the texture of the Tiger Garoupa meat which blended well with the soya sauce. Best eaten with white rice.

Next, we had the Special Steamed Village Chicken (RM38.00 for a half chicken). The first half that we had is the Poach Village Chicken. A Nice firm meat texture which is the hallmark of a good quality Village chicken, these chicken comes from a farm in Ijok. 

The second style is the Smoked Tea Leaf Chicken, that gives out a slight smoky tea aroma and taste on the skin. The chicken is first poached and then it is then given a smoky treatment to gives skin the smokey texture and taste.

For fish lovers, the next one dish is the Fresh Air Flown Ocean Trout aka King Salmon sashimi-grade that arrives that morning. Since it is was so fresh, it was best to serve it Sashimi style. You really get to taste the smooth and soft texture of the fish slice. Eaten with the in-house made wasabi it was the perfect way to eat King Salmon.

The other 2 method used to cook this top quality Salmon King is the Pan Fried with Teriyaki sauce.

and the other is the Pan Fried with salt and pepper. This simple style of cooking is the best way as one can taste the savoury natural taste of the Salmon.

One of the special thing about dining at the Three Brothers Restaurant is that they are able to cook special style for your dishes i.e. not from the menu. Their creativity in the food dishes is highlighted in the following 2 dish which is also Salmon based; which the first is the Salmon In A Blanket. This dish takes its' inspiration from the popular western dish Pig in A Blanket. Here instead of Sausage that are used as the wrap, a piece of Salmon is used instead. A different twist; as the slightly salty taste of the bacon are blended with the taste of the Salmon.

The next dish takes a Japanese fusion twist much like a tempura style which has a Salmon wrapped in Cheese and smothered with a batter and fried to a crisp.

For Pork enthusiast, you can try out the delicious Grilled Pork Ribs. The ribs were deep fried and coated with a gooey, sweet and savoury layer of special in-house made sauce.

The last dish which we had was a very special dish that was popular during the 80's which is the Fried Eggs with Crab Meat. But at the Three Brothers Restaurant, it is being given a Japanese twist. This dish takes a lot of efforts to prepare. The kampung eggs are first stir-fried to small pieces and then added with julienne water chestnut, pine nut and crab meat. It is then topped with tobiko and bonito flakes.

So, you have it, if you can looking for more than Chinese Food, you get to taste out these specially created dishes at Three Brothers Restaurant @ Seksyen U5 Bandar Pinggiran Subang.

Three Brothers Restaurant Address And Location Map