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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Penang Holiday Macalister Mansion Penang Day 2 And Day 3

Continuing on our Penang holiday, we took a short drive and soon arrived at the Majestic Macalister Mansion Penang for our second night Penang Holiday to enjoy more Penang Food.

Macalister Mansion Address: 
228 Macalister Road,
10400 George Town, Penang

It was like we are in the midst to turning back time with the Victorian style mansion that will be hosting us for our night stay.

A stunner in so many ways, this concept venue with a keen focus on dashing design is set inside a refurbished 1900s colonial-style mansion, with a facade of white Greek revival pillars, intricate trellises and a giant bust of Sir Macalister.

Macalister Mansion – a five-star boutique hotel, with an illustrious fine-dining restaurant, cafe, a cozy wine lounge and cigar den which shout out the best money can buy – is a subtle tribute to Penang’s rich colonial past.

Resembling a Colonial mansion, the extensively-re-purposed mansion is the first Malaysian member of the Design Hotel and was named after Colonel Norman Macalister, British Governor of Penang which governs the Pearl Of The Orient (Penang) from 1808 to 1810.

The Mansion is strategically located in the bustling Penang town where you'll be within a 10-minute drive of Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram and Fort Cornwallis. In-house guests can look forward to a quick meal at the natural lit Living Room which is hotel all day dining restaurant for a quick bite.

All in all these features and other highlights makes this upscale hotel a worthy taste of luxury at the most.

There are only 8 suites at Macalister Mansion and each suites is tastefully design and furnished to gives you a different environment. The rooms are spread out over the upper floors and are furnished with bespoke furniture and privately commissioned art pieces to accent its contemporary theme.

The room that we stayed in for our second night Penang holiday is the ROOM 1.

One word that describe our room the moment we step into it; modernly fitted with an vintage Colonial charm that mesmerizes and astound us.

our King Size comfortable and inviting bed

The living room - Sofa area

Desk area,

Even the stationary set are nicely laid up in the desk drawers.

Moving into the bathroom, there is no doors to enter, it is an open door concept that is perfect for couples.On entry to the bathroom you will be greeted with a nice bath tub with wall-to-wall tiles that exudes a touch of luxury feel with the colour perfectly matched to the sanitary wares and decor.

Move over, to the watch basin, you will find a double basin for His and Hers - so no need to fight over who should do the make-up or touch up. With a lighted mirrors, you will be able to see every finer details of your face, just the perfect dose especially for the ladies doing up the touch up to their beautiful face.

The wardrobe is deck with extra pillows, bathrobe and a full length mirror.

One of the privilege in staying at the Macalister mansion, is that everything in the mini bar inclusive of all snack are inclusive of the room rates.

The other finer details are the hidden switches, which took us sometime to find needless to say; is impressive and well thought.

While a special coffee machines that serves premium coffee is also available on hand for you to have your caffeine fix in the room.

At Macalister Mansion, there is also a Pillow Menu, where you can have your choice of pillow for the night.

After our brief room tour, we decided to check out the other facilities of the Mansion, which leads us to the Living Room where we had our Afternoon Tea. Click here for our Afternoon Tea Rendezvous.

When we finish our afternoon tea at the Living Room, we proceeded back to our suite for some relaxing moments, where we were entertained by the Smart TV and the MP3 docks in the room before taking our shower as we get ready for our dinner.

For dinner, we will be having it at the Dining Room, which we will taste Chef Johnson - 8 course Chef Tasting Menu. Please click here for the Dinner review.

After dinner, we decided to chill out at the Cellar which stock over 300 Old and New World wine labels with an after dinner drink to soak in the charm of the leather Chesterfield sofas, elk heads on the walls, a fake ‘fireplace’, plush furnishings in velvet upholstery, dark wood paneling and floors, warm lighting, ornate trunks and bookshelves holding classic titles.before calling it a night.

We had 2 mocktail for the night which the first is the Jungle Dance - a mix of pineapple, passion fruit puree, fresh ginger and lime.

Followed by the Virgin Colada is made up of pineapple, mango puree, coconut cream and lemon juice.

A nice tone down drink to prepare for a good night sleep.

Before going back to our room, we decided take a stroll around the garden to enjoy the great view of the Mansion in its full luster.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Living Room which is Macalister Mansion All day dining restaurant.

We ordered 3 different breakfast set, the first of which is the Great breakfast Set

followed by Classic Breakfast Set

and finally the Healthy Breakfast Set

After our breakfast we took a walk to The Lawn which has a well manicured lawn and a lap pool which you can take a dip in or just relax by the poolside.

The Lawn is also used to host outdoor function such as wedding or corporate events.

Soon, it was time to pack up and to end our wonderful Penang Holiday. Our heart felt heavy, having to leave such a beautiful suite and mansion. It is truly a remarkable holiday experience that will stay with us for a long long time to come.

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Penang Holiday Macalister Mansion Penang Day 2 And Day 3

Macalister Mansion Penang Address & Location Map