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Sunday, 25 December 2016

2017 Year of Rooster Chinese New Year Set Menu and Sau Gong at Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

To celebrate 2017 Year of Rooster Chinese New Year; Master Chef Yip of Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel at IOI Resort City in Sepang has curated 3 special Chinese New Year menu package and also the year-end "Sau Gong' menus to wrap up the year's good fortune and toss towards a fruitful New Year 2017.

Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant Putrajaya Marriott Hotel Address
IOI Resort City 
62502 Sepang Utara

Summer Palace is a Halal Certified Chinese Restaurant that serves top quality Dim Sum and Chinese food in Putrajaya.

It is our first time tasting Master Chef Yip at this food-tasting session for his Chinese New Year and 'Sau Gong' set menu at Summer Palace At Putrajaya Marriott Hotel as he has prepared selected dishes from the 3 menu offering; starting with the Prosperity Salmon 'Yee Sang'. Chef Yip has added his personal touch of using the flavourful Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Crispy Cod Fish Skin for an added crunch.

We were told that Chef Yip decision to use the Smoked Norwegian Salmon this time around was that it takes away the bland taste of raw fish and smoked salmon does appeal to many for its tastiness and smoke flavour.

Next, is the flavourful and nutritious hearty soup to soothe our tummy which is the Double-Boiled Chinese Cabbage Soup With Baby Abalone & Boletus Fungus. To add more flavours to the soup Chef  Yip uses the Boletus Fungus which exudes out a very flavourful fragrant to the chicken soup.

The Roasted Crispy Farm Chicken came out next on the table;  perfectly roasted in the traditional Chinese combi oven, more commonly known as the Apollo Gas Oven. You can taste the juiciness of the meat and crispy skin on the outside, which is served with sesame sauce instead of the usually flavoured salt.

For the fish dish, we had the Steamed Dragon Tiger Garoupa With Black Fungus & Beancurd Stick. 
To add more flavour and taste to the fish, Chef Yip has added ingredients such as wolfberries, Chinese fungus (Wan Yee) and garlic to steam with the Fish. The flaky texture of the white fish meat is a testament to the freshness of the fish.

While the next dish which is a vegetable dish is called Braised Sea Cucumber With Black Mushrooms, Dried Oyster & Garden Green. The mushroom, oyster and sea cucumber are braised to extract out all the full flavours of the sauce and then thicken with cornflour and served with poached broccoli.

Another one of the speciality dishes for this promotion is the Braised Egg Noodles With Fresh Water Prawns. We love the fresh river Prawns that are used in this dish for its firm nice texture and taste but also its celebrated Roe.  According to the Chef, the prawns which have been halved will be fried and then braised to extract the full flavours of the prawn's roe. The noodles are then added to absorb the rich prawn's broth. Excellent dish.

For desserts, we were served the Chilled Chrysanthemum Jelly With Mixed Fruits. There is a slight hint of bitterness in the chilled Chrysanthemum jelly, A refreshing dessert served with the mixed fruit of strawberries, honeydew and dragon fruits giving out a sweet and sour taste to the dessert.

2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu

Prosperity Set Menu A at RM1.288nett per table of 10 persons

2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu

Prosperity Set Menu B Menu at RM1,688nett per table of 10 persons

2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu

Prosperity Set Menu C at RM2,188nett per table of 10 persons

Summer Palace provides for any dining soiree. For those opting for private dining, they have private rooms catering to a maximum of 40 pax making it the apt choice for business discussions or even family gatherings.
For More Information, please contact 03 - 8949 8888 Ext 1333, email or visit 

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday 11:30am to 2:30pm
Sunday &PHs 10:30am to 2:30pm

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